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Pin-Up Maxi Luxo Cat Litter Box

Original price CHF 69.90
Prix original CHF 69.90 - Prix d'origine CHF 69.90
Original price CHF 69.90
Current price CHF 65.90
CHF 65.90 - CHF 65.90
Current price CHF 65.90
Sanitary tray with 4 trays and mesh, minimizes the dispersion of grains of sand, while keeping the room free of bad odors and providing privacy for your cat.

Hygienic bathroom with an innovative system to optimally separate the faeces from the sanitary sand, thus saving? the use of sand.
The sanitary tray is made up of 3 parts: 2 trays and 1 sieve
The sieve allows you to clean the sand more quickly and easily just by moving it from one side to the other.
Made with strong plastic.

  • Sanitary tray made in Italy.
  • Ideal for quick cleaning, very easy to use.
  • Mesures : 66x49x38cm
  • With border and mesh, you strain the sand easily. 4 trays.